Environmental News

We are now able to offer the supply of Briquetting machines suitable for handling Aluminium swarf produced from either turning/machining operations.

-Profits from the sale of compacted swarf, increase income from scrap by converting chips to briquettes.
-90-95% of coolant residue extracted from swarf.
-Massive reductions in storage of Aluminium swarf.
-Can be managed in a dedicated area within the building, not exposing Aluminium to the elements.
-Reduce labour and material handling expenses by reducing scrap volume.
-Reduce potential environmental liabilities for hazardous waste disposal.
-Profit from the sale of pressed cuts and chips (briquettes).
-Decrease in material losses when melting the briquettes instead of chips.
-Recovering a significant amount of cutting fluid.
-Decrease in transport and storage charges by reduction of the volume of chips.