HYFRA Chiller - Gamma Range

Powerful, easily integrated immersion chillers for water, oil and emulsions

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Hyfra Chiller

How it works

The HYFRA Gamma Range consists of fully integrable immersion chillers for water, oil and emulsions. As plug & play solutions, they cover a wide power range of 5 to 160 kW (1 to 45 Tons).

Power levels of up to 28 kW (8 Tons) are possible on bases of only 0.5 m² (5.4 sq.ft) – thanks to the compact design. This results in significant flexibility advantages when planning production area layouts and boosts productivity since facilities can accommodate more machines. Thanks to their horizontally installed compressors, the compact HYFRA Gamma models also significantly reduce heat build-up. The internal components are unaffected by waste heat.

All the models in the series contain a robust agitator, ensuring a uniform medium temperature in the lubricant tank. The HYFRA Gamma Range is equipped with fixed crane lugs so the devices can easily be lifted out of the tank for cleaning at regular intervals.

Thanks to sector-leading HYFRA microchannel technology, these devices useup to 70 % less refrigerant in comparison to conventional chillers. HYFRA Gamma models are also available with the innovative HYFRA FleXX technology that ensures energy-efficient, extremely precise operation with demand-based controls.

Gamma Chiller Cromar

Features and Benefits

  • Plug and play solution

  • Compact design

  • Reduced heat build-up

  • Easy access for cleaning

  • Energy Efficient

  • HYFRA FleXX technology

HYFRA FleXx Technology

With its FleXX technology, HYFRA is reacting to the various market requirements of machine manufacturers and operators. Thanks to its high level of flexibility and adaptability, the technology ensures a decisive competitive advantage. Due to the demand-based operation of various components, chillers with FleXX technology are not only highly energy-efficient, economical, and quiet; they also operate with very little wear, greatly reducing life cycle costs.

Optional Controllers

The chillers in the HYFRA Gamma series are equipped with FreeSmart controllers – and with a cooling capacity of 160 kW (45 Tons), they come with FreeEvolution controllers. The two variants are freely programmable and have both analog and digital inputs and outputs, an external display (FreeEvolution) and an FDO (fast digital output) interface for quickly reading out operating data.

FreeEvolution is available in three design variants: basic, professional and expert. For example, they offer menu navigation in multiple languages or remote maintenance linkup. Of course we can flexibly integrate special customer requirements into each of the variants.

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