The New Rotoclear C2 4K Ultra HD Camera

Live stream your machine tool processes – for clear monitoring, no-matter how harsh the environment

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Rotoclear C2 4K Ultra HD Camera


As the official UK distributor for Rotoclear machine tool vision systems, we are proud to offer the new Rotoclear C2 4K ULTRA HD Camera.

Winner of the Red Dot Awards 2020 for Product Design and Innovative Product, the camera has been purpose-designed for use in the extremely harsh conditions found within cutting, milling, grinding and other metal-forming machine tools.

Resistant to impact from chips, the camera incorporates Rotoclear’s proven rotating viewing pane – which repels lubricants, oil and swarf for clear process monitoring.

Providing a perfect view from almost any angle, the camera can be mounted directly in the working space or even on the spindle head.

The result? An uninterrupted view of your manufacturing process – even where machining occurs on the blind side of the workpiece.

Rotoclear C2 4K Ultra HD Camera at a glance:

  • Stream in 4K and full HD

  • Built for extremely harsh operating environments

  • Complies with IP67 protection class – meaning it is well-protected against cooling oils, lubricants and other media

  • Permanently clear view thanks to rotating window and LED illumination

  • Suitable for spindle and workspace monitoring

  • Intelligent control unit for monitoring two cameras

  • Choice of camera head/lens options

  • Record machining process for analysis, training and review

  • Live stream direct to your device or desktop

  • Integrated online updates

  • Simple ‘touch’ or mouse control

  • Support for RTSP protocol – for easy integration into supported monitoring systems

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Additional Information

The Rotoclear C2 camera system, winner of the Red Dot Awards 2020 for ‘Product Design’ and ‘Innovative Product’, was developed for use in extremely hostile conditions on machine tool applications. It is resistant to impact from cutting chips and provides a clear view through cooling lubricants and oils, thanks to the *rotating window on the lens design.

The Rotoclear C2 can be mounted in the working space or directly on the spindle head. It is optimally equipped for the rapid movements and accelerations that occur on a machine tool. Regardless of whether machining takes place on the blind side of the workpiece, or standard traditional viewing methods are unable to provide an uninterrupted view of the process, the Rotoclear C2 ensures that the machining process is always in clear focus.

The Rotoclear C2 can be retrofitted to almost any machine tool. The control unit is mounted on a top-hat bracket in the machine’s control cabinet, with the camera head located in the machining area. Camera head and control unit are connected via a data cable. This cable can be up to 20 metres long. It is resistant to mineral oils and cutting lubricants and suitable for use in drag-chains. Data cable length options available on request.

The unit is equipped with an HDMI port to allow an image to be quickly and easily transmitted

The controls are simple to operate with touch gestures or via a mouse

The camera live streams directly into your device in a platform-independent manner

Support for the RTSP protocol allows easy integration into your existing monitoring system/machine control system

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