Belt Type Oil Skimmer

Extends the life of cutting fluid and machinery.

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Belt Oil Skimmer

The stainless-steel Mighty Mini is a compact belt skimmer designed for parts washers and machine tool coolant sumps. With its large discharge trough and small operating space, the Mighty Mini fits almost anywhere. The stainless-steel construction resists rust and corrosion in harsh environments. It is lightweight and requires minimal assembly. With its durable stainless-steel construction, it is built to give long lasting performance. The removable trough makes clean up fast and easy.

Tramp oil is one of the most significant causes of quality deterioration in cutting fluids, as well as a contributing factor in wear and tear in tools, loss of surface finish quality, and in particular reduced machine tolerances.

How it works

The oil skimmer belt, partly submersed into contaminated coolant runs continuously. As it leaves the contaminated coolant it collects oil that sits on the coolant surface. The oil travels along with the belt to the discharge point, here two plastic wipers scrape oil from the belt surface. The oil flows into the tramp oil collection box.

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* Results from a performance test conducted at one of the largest automotive companies in the world during a test period of 6 hours.

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