Series II

Free standing unit, that is a totally integrated solution for both swarf management and coolant filtration.

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Series II

How it works

Coolant and swarf enter the conveyor via deflector chutes as on standard conveyors. The heavy chips settle to the bottom of the conveyor, where they can be moved up the incline of the conveyor and deposited into a suitable collecting receptacle.

The contaminated coolant is filtered through a continuously self-rotating drum located within the conveyor. The drum is rotated by the same chain which drives the conveyor belt. Supplied to the rotary drum is a removable stainless steel filter mesh offering initial filtration of 400 microns.

Fine particles carried in the coolant are trapped by the filter mesh. Situated within the rotary drum is an internal backwash system, this blasts clean coolant from within the drum ensuring that the filter media is kept clean. This provides an endless supply of clean filter media.

Particles which are flushed from the filter into the conveyor are carried away by the scraper bars in the form of sludge.

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Additional Information

1. Increased discharge height
2. Tank capacity (extra volume)
3. Heavy duty features
4. Coolant pumps
5. Improved filteration
6. Customer logo

Features and Benefits

  • Self cleaning filter (rotary drum) no basket/filter
  • Improved filtration
  • Less contamination in coolant tank, reduces opportunity of swarf damaging pumps
  • Suitable for fine swarf, and chip swarf only - Aluminium, brass, and cast iron
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased tank capacity
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly

Principal Applications

  • Vertical machining centre
  • Horizontal machining centre
  • Mill-turn/Multi-tasking machine
  • Five axis machines


Suitable Swarf Types

Suitable for handling the following swarf types:

Small Chipped Swarf

Fine Swarf

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