GT Light

For light air pollution caused by oil, soluble oils and general cooling lubricants.

GT Light
GT Light

GT Light - Low level Pollution

Particle sizes measuring between 1 and 10 μm. Visible on dispersion.Liquid and solid particles in the aerosol range.
Occurs when using cooling lubricants containing pure oil and soluble oils (coolants).

Occurs at moderate machining speeds and with low pressure of cooling lubricants.

Innovative air filtration

Filtering devices have to meet multi-layered requirements in the manufacturing process. It’s all about process reliability, product quality and workplace safety. In terms of design, function and performance, the innovative GT® air filtration units – GT® Light and GT® Heavy – stand for permanently effective and economical exhaust air filtration. Virtually maintenance-free and with guaranteed separation performance in space and time.

Areas of Application

All industries that release hazardous substances in the form of gases, vapors, mists and fumes in manufacturing processes that cannot be avoided due to the nature of the process. These include machining, forming, grinding and heat treatment.

How it works

GTI Air Filtration

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