3 Nine Green Line

Oil mist separator with high purification, low maintenance and outstanding operation economy.

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Green Line Seperator

How it works

Operating on a centrifugal separation technology, coolant is drawn in to the separation chamber where coolant solids attach themselves to the rotating Multi Rotors. These rotors coalesce the coolant in to larger droplets which are eventually thrown off to the outer wall and returned to the coolant tank. Air is then forced through the final stage of filtration of the HEPA filter which is actually at this stage only filtering the final 1% of the air contamination. 1. Inlet for polluted air 2. Counter flow separates the largest particles down to ~ 10 μm 3. Disc Stack separates smaller particles at 100% > 1 μm 4. Multipolar Connector 5. Separated cutting fluid is fed back out to the machine tool for reuse 6. Drive belt 7. Final Stage - The HEPA filter further cleans particles to 99.97%

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Secure working environment

Oil mist exposure can cause severe health issues for the operator. If not handled properly, the oil mist will coat the surfaces in the shop, causing risk of injuries by slippery surfaces, an increased need of cleaning and damages on electrical devices. With an oil mist separator from 3nine, this will not be a problem. The air coming out of a GREEN LINE oil mist separator is so clean that it can be recycled right back into the workshop and guarantees an optimal working environment for the operator.

Features and Benefits

  • One machine for all applications
  • Life Cycle Cost - Low
  • 99.97% Particle free Air!
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Minimal Filter Change
  • Suitable for applications with high degree of solid particles
  • Minimal Duct Work
  • Recycling of cutting fluids
  • No Oily Surfaces in the Workshop
  • Compact and Direct Installation
  • Low energy use

Suitable for use on machines with the following:

  • Grinding Coolant emulsion
  • Turning Coolant emulsion
  • Milling Coolant emulsion
  • EDM machines
  • Sliding head machine using neat oil
  • High pressure coolant applications 70 bar

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