Absolent Amist 10/20

The Absolent Amist floor mounted mist extractors guarantee a high separating efficiency.

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Absolent Amist 10/20

How it works

With increasing legislation regarding air purity in the manufacturing environment to reduce airborne particles affecting operators legislation now demands no more than 1mg/m3 in the atmosphere. With this in mind Cromar with its partners has developed an mist extraction offering. Built with a high integrity the units do not deteriorate in air quality after extended periods of use. The internal filter cassettes offer the benefit of long life operation with minimum servicing and maintenance. Running 24 hours a day if required they are designed on a modular system and so can be tailored to any specific requirements.

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Features and Benefits

  • Grinding Coolant emulsion
  • Turning Coolant emulsion
  • Milling coolant emulsion
  • EDM machines
  • Sliding head machine using neat oil
  • High pressure coolant applications 70 bar

Optional equipment

Full installation Solid pipework install (Jacobs system leak proof) Can run continuously for 24 hrs


Interfaced to the machine control the units comes on when the machining process is started and runs on after the machine is idle to remove mist from the machining envelope.


Light grey unless otherwise specified Price on application.

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