HPC Systems

Supplied for the delivery of Superclean high pressure through the spindle coolant. Free standing or integrated to swarf management coolant tank.

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HPC Systems

How it works

Manufactured to a heavy construction, with a capacity to suit the customer application. The standard HPC unit holds a significant amount of coolant. This stand-alone tank is equipped with a 10-micron duplex filter that guarantees super clean coolant is returned to the machine. This is usually delivered at high pressure via a 15 or 70 bar pump through programmable valves using “m” functions. Further improving filtration, an inline micro mag filter can extract fine grains of ferrous material. Usability is simple. With the use of a PLC controlled interface, the user can operate the system by a 7” touch screen.

The advanced modular tank version of HPC is a stand-alone tank, that is positioned locally to the machine. This is capable of holding large capacities of coolant. The modular tank self-monitors coolant input and output with its software to ensure it meets the machines coolant demand. The supply of clean coolant results in; improved tool life, workpiece integrity (surface finish and accuracy) maintained, chip breaking, chip extraction, temperature at cutting point.

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Modular Tank Models

Features and Benefits


  • Coolant accurately & effectively directed at the target machining process
  • Tool life is prolonged & workpiece integrity maintained & coolant conserved
  • Metal chips are forcibly removed from the cutting area improving chip breaking 
  • Dual filters
  • Filter blocked - simple switchover
  • Temperature reduction
  • Pump options
  • Stand alone or onboard tank

Principal Applications


  • Horizontal machining centres
  • Vertical machining centres
  • Lathes
  • Mill-turn/Multi-tasking machine
  • Five axis machines
  • Specialist Machines

Suitable Swarf Types

Suitable for handling the following swarf types:

Stringy Swarf

Small Chipped Swarf

Fine Swarf

High Pressure Series IV Stand Alone 70 Bar


This is a locally positioned tank delivering super clean coolant at 15bar or 70bar. The duplex bag filter system offers a high level of filtration with minimal maintenance. The unit is easily manoeuvrable and can provide additional coolant of 400L, 600L, 800L or bespoke volume as per customer requirements.

High Pressure Series IV on-board 70 Bar


This delivers 15bar or 70bar coolant from the super clean section that is incorporated into the systems tank. Coolant is filtered by the media free cyclone filter.

High Pressure Series IV on-board 70 Bar


An advanced stand-alone tank offering a wide range of ancillary equipment. Coolant delivery 15bar or 70bar, or by a variable speed pump that improves efficiency and reduces energy consumption.

Series IV NOP Pump



A pump with a built-in filter, located on the machine tank delivering clean coolant. Minimal impact on tank space for smaller applications.

Optional Equipment


Variable Pump

Immersion Chiller

Coolant conditioning system


A huge range of optional items are available especially for modular tanks. With the machine tool industry advancing, these items have proven to not just improve performance, they have proven to be vital. Just some of the optional equipment includes variable pumps, immersion chillers and coolant monitoring. These improve efficiency by:

  • Lowering power consumption
  • Maintaining optimal temperature of coolant
  • Diagnosis of coolant condition
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