Enquiry Sheet for Standard Conveyors

Please complete the following information for a quotation by return within 24 hours

    Step 2. Conveyor Configuration

    Type 1
    Type 2

    Belt Configuration:

    Slat/Hinged Type
    Scraper Type

    Drive Option:

    Side Drive Left
    Side Drive Right
    Top Drive Left
    Top Drive Right

    Integrated Coolant Tank:


    Step 3. Dimensions

    Step 4. Last Step! Extras

    2. Coolant Tank:

    Coolant Level Sensor
    Sight Level / Electronic Sensor

    3. Pump Details:

    L / Min

    M Head:

    Power Rating (KW)

    for Belt Cleaning

    4. Brush Assembly:

    Yes No

    5. Discharge Chutes:

    Yes No

    6. Collection Chutes:

    Yes No

    7. Perforated Belt

    Yes No

    8. Electrical Equipment:




    9. Cable length (Flying lead to m/c):

    9. Limit Switch Knock Off:

    Yes No

    10. Push Button Unit

    Forward Reverse Stop