Paper Band Filtration

Paperband filtration is most commonly used on applications where a fine degree of coolant filtration is required.

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How it works

This type of filtration is most commonly seen on grinding applications, but it can be found on all other types machine where sub 250 micron filtration is required. Systems are offered in the range down to 50 microns. Contaminated coolant is fed on to a continuous reel of filter fabric, which will be graded per specification from 250 micron to 50 microns. The fabric is supported by a special wire belt, which permits a continuous flow of clean coolant through it in to the clean tank below. The media paper allows clean coolant to flow through it whilst retaining the solids in suspension within the coolant. As the filter media starts to get contaminated the coolant builds up on the paper until eventually a high level float switch monitoring the rise activates the belt to index forward in doing so automatically renewing the filter fabric from the filter roll. The used fabric including the debris is carried away to a receptacle and can be removed without interrupting the filtering process.

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Features and Benefits

  • Grinding machine
  • Mill Turn Grind machining centres
  • Special purpose machine tools

Optional Equipment

  • Extended coolant tank capacity.
  • Additional system pumps
  • High pressure coolant system
  • High and low level coolant sensing and alarms
  • Coolant Chiller


Supplied with a basic control box of push button stop, start, incorporating a high level coolant and low paper level alarm. Alarms can be wired hard or soft. A flying lead and plug to accommodate the electrical socket within a system or machine tool is supplied.

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