Scraper Conveyor

Used for the removal of swarf from machine tools or incorporated into a central system.

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How it works

Manufactured to a heavy construction, with a capacity to suit the customer application. The standard HPC unit holds a significant amount of coolant. This stand-alone tank is equipped with a 10-micron duplex filter that guarantees super clean coolant is returned to the machine. This is usually delivered at high pressure via a 15 or 70 bar pump through programmable valves using “m” functions. Further improving filtration, an inline micro mag filter can extract fine grains of ferrous material. Usability is simple. With the use of a PLC controlled interface, the user can operate the system by a 7” touch screen.

The advanced modular tank version of HPC is a stand-alone tank, that is positioned locally to the machine. This is capable of holding large capacities of coolant. The modular tank self-monitors coolant input and output with its software to ensure it meets the machines coolant demand. The supply of clean coolant results in; improved tool life, workpiece integrity (surface finish and accuracy) maintained, chip breaking, chip extraction, temperature at cutting point.

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Additional information

1. Extra Filter boxes for increased flow
2. Discharge height
3. Colour

Features and Benefits


  • Designed specifically to handle chipped swarf (Brass, Aluminium, Cast)
  • Robust construction
  • Reliable and long-term performance
  • Designed to suit existing machine tank
  • Plug and play
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Bespoke options (discharge height +/-)

Principal Applications


  • Horizontal machining centres
  • Vertical machining centres
  • Multi-tasking machine
  • CNC turning centres
  • Special purpose machine tools
  • Linked to central conveyor systems
  • Underground swarf handling
  • Suitable for handling chipped swarf only;
  • Aluminium, brass, cast iron, wet and dry
  • Swarf Processing


Suitable Swarf Types

Suitable for handling the following swarf types:

Small Chipped Swarf

Fine Swarf

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