Underground Swarf Management System

Cromar has recently designed, manufactured and installed a full underground swarf management system in Norway. The system was completed for a leading global manufacturer of aerospace and marine equipment. It comprises of heavy duty scraper conveyors and belt conveyors suitable for handling large volumes of ferrous swarf.

The system is operated by a fully integrated PLC floor mounted control panel interfaced to each machine tool. Incorporated within the control is an automatic weighing platform which diverts the discharge of swarf from No.1 skip to No.2 skip when the maximum load is reached, this is linked to specially designed load sensors. We are able to offer full turnkey packages for swarf and coolant management.

A typical system for the automotive and aerospace industries typically incorporated in these systems are heavy duty conveyors, steel shredders, bar end separators, centrifuges and briquetters for aluminium applications typically in the aerospace industry, full PLC control designed by Cromar. Cromar has fully trained personnel equipped with all the required accreditations.