New Product: The Cromar Rotamag

Recently developed, the Cromar Rotamag is a further addition to the Cromar range of swarf handling equipment.

-Designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, it incorporates rare earth magnets, a 316 stainless steel casing and reliable drive/gear box combination.
-Available in a variety of lengths from 500mm to 2 metres. – Adaptable to virtually any application.
-Suitable for machines producing ferrous chipped swarf, this device represents a leap forward in efficiency and safety.
-It can be located in spaces that other conveyors cannot fit.
-It removes swarf constantly and competently.
-All moving components are located internally in a static external tube making it one of the safest swarf removal systems available.
-The Rotamag may be included as part of a swarf management system to provide ‘first stage’ coolant cleaning and can be fitted in single or multiple arrays.
-The Cromar Rotamag is the perfect tool to assist in keeping modern machining centres CLEAN, EFFICIENT and SAFE. One of our dedicated design team is ready to discuss your ideas for applications utilizing this type of device.

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