Chiller K9

Coolant chillers for the customers requiring the control & stability of his machining process, ultimately giving him the required surface finish & size not affected by lack of thermal stability.

How it works

Cromar offer coolant chillers for the customer that needs to have the control and stability of his machining process ultimately giving him the required surface finish and size not affected by lack of thermal stability.

Incorporating the heavy duty 1.5” pitch steel hinged slat type belt and the 1.5” pitch steel scraper type belt within the same conveyor casing, still incorporating the self cleaning rotary drum filtration system.

Both coolant and swarf enter the conveyor by deflector chutes ensuring that no swarf or coolant escapes onto the surrounding area. Generally, the belt type conveyor will handle a large percentage of the swarf produced and will convey the swarf into a suitable collecting receptacle as a standard conveyor would.

However should there be small chipped swarf or particles of swarf present they will pass through the belt conveyor and will be deposited to the base of the conveyor where the drag type conveyor will collect and remove the swarf as standard.

All coolant will pass through the self-cleaning rotary drum equipped with a removable stainless steel filter media. To ensure that the filter media maintains a consistent filtration level and coolant throughput there is an internal backwash system that continually blasts coolant from within the drum as the drum rotates.

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Features and Benefits

  • Thermal stability of the workpiece
  • Better surface finish
  • Stable coolant with reduced bacterial activity
  • Longer coolant life

Optional Equipment

Remote alarm pack, for monitoring the chiller some distance away from the machine. Heater and low temperature packs are available for extremes of temperature.



Suitable for handling the following swarf types:



Standard as per system when mounted.

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