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Basic controls of stop, start, reverse push button box incorporating a flying lead and plug to accommodate the electrical socket within the system or machine tool.

Optional Equipment

• Optional Equipment
• Additional E Stop stations.
• Pull cord E Stop trip

How it Works

The hinged belt slat type conveyor is made of heavy duty material and has cross flights welded at intervals on the continuous belt to assist material conveyance and discharge at the head of the conveyor. The belt is carried on hollow bearing roller chain with hardened pins and rollers incorporated in a fully welded mild steel casing. The belt is driven by an externally mounted motor/gearbox assembly, incorporating a slipping clutch mechanism. Alternatively, depending on application this can be a direct drive or variable speed drive unit. The width, depth and height of these conveyors are designed and manufactured to suit the customers specification and application. Belt width available from minimum 210mm to 800mm.


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