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The filters are fitted in line and coolant free flows across the magnets


All conveyors are supplied finished to suit the customers colour specification. Our finish is Powdercoat

Optional equipment

The Micromags come in 3 sizes with flow rates from 70 to 150 ltrs min. Mounted singularly or in series based on machine requirements. Based on the system specification we size the unit accordingly mounting in series for larger flows. We also look at the option of having duty stand by for manual change over on filter full. Construction material of units are as follows, San (Plastic) Housing aluminium lid, Full Aluminium, Stainless steel.

For 24/7 operation there is the Automag which has a self cleaning operation dumping debrie in to a solids waste tank.

How it Works

The Micromag is filter chamber which has dual flow technology in it ensuring that the fluid passed through it is exposed to the high intensity magnets for the maximum time. With a primary and secondary chamber fluid has to pass the magnetic circuit where the magnetic cores are located, removing the ferrous material in suspension.

Suitable for
•Horizontal and vertical machining centers
•Grinding machine
•Lapping machines
•Deep hole drilling
•EDM machines
•Lazer machines


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