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The cyclones run continuous on the system energizing, being supplied by a feed pump from the dirty (pre filtered) coolant tank. Delivery pump is specifically sized to the number of cyclone units delivering too.


All conveyors are supplied finished to suit the customers colour specification. Our finish is Powdercoat.

Optional Equipment

Based on a flow rate of 50ltrs/ min, if the super clean tank is required to deliver a higher flow rate than this then additional Cyclone can be fitted in Series. The delivery pump to the Cyclones is set accordingly to maintain the optimum delivery flow and pressure for their optimum operation.

How it Works

The Hydra Cyclone Separator is a Vortx Dynamic Filter Coolant is delivered in to the Cyclone at an optimum pressure of 0.2Mpa to deliver the centrifugal force to separate the solids in suspension in the fluid. This system has the ability to remove 99% of 25um sludge and up to 90 % of 10um. Dirty liquid is concentrated in a sludge pod with clean coolant being syphoned off to the super clean tank. As the sludge pod increases in density the debris falls out on to the conveyor flights. This system does not suck air and as such delivers clean stable coolant to the super clean tank.


Stainless steel casing.

Characteristics VDF Vortex Dynamic Filter (Cyclone separator)

  1. By using centrifugal force to separate solid-liquid, filter replacement is not necessary.
  2. Ability of removing 99% of 25m sludge and more than 90% of 10?m sludge using supply pressure of 0.2 Mpa.
  3. As the system does not suck in air, there are no bubbles formed. This prevents contamination that is caused by the inability to pump operation or by bubble spreading.

Dirty liquid is concentrated to a high degree by the sludge pod, and processing afterwards becomes simple. Also, because sludge does not return to the liquid, the total amount of dirty sludge will be reduced, and it is possible to process at a high degree of precision with VDF.

Applications VDF Vortex Dynamic Filter (Cyclone separator)

  1. Removes grit and compounds from industrial waste water or effluent treatment tanks.
  2. Removes fine shavings and abrasive powder from machine tool coolant fluid.
  3. Removes wastes and foreign objects from circulating cleaning liquids of ultrasonic cleaning equipment and high-pressure cleaning equipment.
  4. Recovers and separates crystals generated in food, pharmaceutical and chemical processes.

Benefit of using VDF Vortex Dynamic Filter (Cyclone separator)

  1. By keeping clean condition of coolant fluid, it can maintain the high precision and best cutting accuracies. In addition, it can reduce the production failure rate.
  2. By preventing the decay of coolant fluid, complexity of replacing or cleaning coolant tank can be eliminated.
  3. Constructed of the maintenance-free filtration system, replacing of the filter is not necessary. Running cost and complexity of the replacing for the filter can be reduced significantly


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